Mission Statement:

Our mission as Women’s Empowerment at Victra is to develop Victra employees, especially women, so they can achieve their professional and personal goals.

ERG Purpose:

Women add unique talent to any organization and WE@V is a women’s leadership program with the goal of strengthening and developing this talent throughout VNation. The WE@V program is designed to support women who express a desire to develop, prepare them for the next level, and gain personal confidence.

• Supporting Victra’s commitment to workforce diversity
• Providing ongoing education to all levels of leadership on the importance of women in the workforce
• Promoting the recruitment, development, and retention of female employees
• Provide a strong support network for its members and allies to connect personally and professionally

If you are passionate about developing yourself, gaining confidence, or learning more about how to effectively support women in the workforce, by becoming a WE@V ally, then click here to subscribe to our group.

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