Juneteenth: Food

Breaking bread with loved ones is an important part of African American culture, and Juneteenth is no different. These selected recipes reflect the holiday’s Texas roots.

In the video below, NMAAHC Web Content Specialist Andre Thompson and his family show how to make the perfect brisket for Juneteenth.

Here are some other great recipes you can try with your family!

Barbequed Beef Brisket Sandwich

In much of the south, barbecue is about pork. In Texas, however, beef brisket is the chosen meat on the barbecue trail.

Stewed Tomatoes and Okra

Okra is Africa’s culinary totem. It originated on the continent and made its way around the world.

Red Velvet Cake

Although many think that red velvet cake has been an American standby for centuries, it is actually a twentieth-century invention, having originated in the 1920s.

Hibiscus Ginger Sweet Tea

Hibiscus is the fresh or dried pod of Hibiscus sabdariffa, a plant native to West Africa.

Red Beans and Rice

Red Beans And Rice is a classic Monday-night dinner in New Orleans.

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