Juneteenth: Black-Owned Businesses

Supporting Black businesses is something we can do not just on Juneteenth the day but anytime throughout the year (shout-out to National Black Business month in August).

Let’s address the first hurdle: identifying a Black business. Simply because a business sells products that are catered to the Black community, does not necessarily mean that it is owned by a person who identifies as Black. Google has a cool filter on its search results to help you identify if the business is Black-owned. Trying to pick out an engagement ring for your love? Search for Black owned jewelry shop, and it will include if the shop identifies as Black-owned in the results.

Why you should support Black-Owned Businesses:

  • Closing the racial wealth gap
  • Creating Jobs and Opportunities
  • Supporting Communities

100+ Black-owned businesses to support in 2022 and beyond

You can use this link to search and find local black-owned businesses in eight 8 of Victra markets: Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Bay Area and Seattle.

Business Spotlight: Locafella

In its simplest form it’s an all-natural hair studio for dreadlocs full of talented locticians, but it’s so much more than that. Self-taught locs specialist, Jasmin Thomas, began her career while attending college at Chico State University on a basketball scholarship. Upon earning her degree in Psychology, Jasmin returned where she began working side-by-side in her father’s barbershop, as a loc-tician “hairapist”. With her unique artistic techniques, fast turnaround and quality service, Jasmin quickly rose to success.

“Locafella is a culture. It represents strength, courage, and faith. It represents a community of real people with pain and transgressions. Clients come here to feel love and sense of family. They want to escape the problems out here in the world today.

I started this brand with one client when I graduated college and I had two options, get a job in my career field or bet on myself and build my own brand. The way this path was aligned is divine. The more my clientele built, the more I needed to connect with other stylists like myself and make this one large brand. I wanted to leave something in the soil that would outlive me. I wanted to create generational wealth and build my own brand in my own name.”

-Jasmin Thomas, Owner & Master Loctician

The unique thing about Locafella Loc Studio is that they are the only luxury dreadlock salon around. Locafella studio has two locations; 7 stylist at the Fontana location Inland Empire, and 10 stylists at the Melrose location LA. Everyone works together as a team and respects the brand and what it represents. They also have clothing and a full hair product line up available in stores, Walmart.com, and Amazon. Visit their website here!

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