Autism Acceptance Month

April 2022

Autism Acceptance Month (previously Autism Awareness Month) aims to celebrate and promote acceptance for the condition that occurs in one in every 54 children as of 2020 in the United States. Autism, a complex developmental condition affecting the patient’s ability to interact, communicate, and progress, has not one but many subtypes. Here at Victra, we know that we interact daily with employees, vendors or guests that are either personally on the spectrum, or have personal ties to someone who is. We want to celebrate and bring awareness and understanding to this amazing community.


Every April, the Autism Society works to build an inclusive community where autistic individuals are embraced and supported to achieve the highest quality of life possible. The Autism Society was founded in 1965 by Bernard Rimland and remains one of the few grassroots organizations in the autistic community. Driven by the fact that autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the world, the Autism Society hosted one of its first nationwide efforts of an awareness campaign called National Autistic Children’s Week in 1972, which subsequently evolved into the Autism Acceptance Month earmarked in April.

The Autism Society deeply understands the need to foster awareness and acceptance to ignite change and a healthier lifestyle through improved opportunities for people with autism. It works every day to improve the lives of affected individuals and families. The organization caters to more than 600,000 people living under the “autism onslaught,” using tools like community partnerships with organizations, digital and print resources, along with events and referrals to spark empathy and inclusivity in the general public. Besides educating masses for better systems-wide change and acceptance, their affiliate program stretches across more than 75 networks and advocates for exclusive services for the autistic community. With the autism diagnosis rate increasing fast, April is designated to celebrate the differences, learn more about, and empower autistic individuals.

Change in Terminology

In 2021, the Autism Society decided to shift the terminology from Autism Awareness Month to Autism Acceptance Month. Christopher Banks, President and CEO of the Autism Society of America, said this of the change:

“While we will always work to spread awareness, words matter as we strive for autistic individuals to live fully in all areas of life. As many individuals and families affected by autism know, acceptance is often one of the biggest barriers to finding and developing a strong support system.”

The shift in terminology fosters acceptance to ignite change through improved support and opportunities in education, employment, accessible housing, affordable health care, and comprehensive long-term services. Acceptance is so integral that the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) has been referring to April as Autism Acceptance Month since 2011, expressing that accepting autism as a natural condition is “necessary for real dialogue to occur.” The Autism Society of America is also advocating the federal government to officially designate April as “Autism Acceptance Month” since there has never been a formal designation for AAM.

Autism Facts

  • Autism means alone: The word “autism” is derived from the Greek word “autos” meaning self. The literal meaning of Autism is “alone.”
  • It is more common than other common diseases: Autism is found to be more prevalent than childhood cancer, diabetes, and AIDS.
  • Dogs are autistic-friendly: Research has shown that dogs are linked to improved quality of life in autistic children, helping with their aggressive behavior, promoting independence, and safety.
  • It is more likely to occur with “older” fathers: Another study reveals autism genetically occurs more in children with fathers aged over 40 years.