Throwdown Thursday: Cheese Enchiladas

This recipe was submitted by one of our board members of POCU, Roberto Gomez.

I’m the oldest of 4 siblings. Ranging from 28 to 11 years old. The youngest being born a few months before I graduated high school. (joke is my mom felt the need to replace me). My family lived pay check to pay check up until the last several years. Food was never an issue but it was a special occasion to go to McDonalds or to grab a pizza. So we did get to experience a ton of home cooked meals that we cherish to this day. Since we’ve moved out we found that we didn’t pay enough attention and frequently call our mom to relearn!

In partnership with my sister we decided on some Cheese Enchiladas. Simple version that can be modified to add chicken, beef or whatever someone’s heart desires! There was not a better feeling than coming home to seeing a stack of these on a plate waiting to be demolished. Today we still ask momma Lourdes to throw down.

Now for some housekeeping items. Please do not wear nicer clothes when making this. The sauce WILL stain your shirt and serve as a “Job well done” badge for years to come. We did find a YouTube video that closely resembles how my family Throws Down!

Before you watch we wanted to share a key change.
-In the sauce we add some 3/4 of Abuelita’s Chocolate and the TIP of a stick of cinnamon. No more than the length of HALF a pinky nail. It helps with the bitterness that can come with some chile. PLUS makes it more of a sweet heat experience. Add these to the blender with the garlic, seasonings on onion when watching the video.


-Roberto Gomez


14 to 16 corn tortillas
10 oz (283 g) Oaxaca cheese
1/2 medium onion (diced)
Cooking oil for griddle

Cotija cheese
Shredded lettuce or cabbage
Diced Onion
Mexican sour cream

Red Enchilada Sauce
6 to 7 dried guajillo chiles (cleaned and rinsed)
small piece of onion
1 clove of garlic
2 tsp chicken bouillon powder
salt to taste
1/2 to 3/4 cup water or soaking liquid


Remember when cooking Jollof rice, building a flavor base is very important. Watch the overload of ingredients before it becomes a concoction. Each step counts so try to do each of the steps in detail.

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